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  Sara Jerez

Actress & Model (SAG-AFTRA)

Flamenco & Classical

Spanish Dancer


Sara Elena Jerez


Sara is well known in Washington D.C. for her beautiful classical style and flamboyant interpretations of flamenco.  Ms. Jerez-Marlow began her flamenco career after many years of ballet, subsequently traveled to Spain, and studied with Carmen Cortez, Carmela Greco, La Tati and Maria Magdelena. Sara has worked and studied with the Ana Martinez Flamenco Dance Company, and with Arte Flamenco since 1997, and has appeared at all the local Washington DC flamenco venues.  She has also played a  role in  Edwin Aparicio's sold-out performances of "Bailes Inéditos"  and "Encuentros" in Washington, DC and Chicago.  Most recently she performed with the Edwin Aparicio Dance Company in "Intimo" in Jan. 2015 at The Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario in Managua, Nicaragua.  Ms. Jerez-Marlow has worked under the direction of such choreographers as Goyo Montero, Sara Erde, Emil Wesolowski, and under the artistic direction of Placido Domingo in twelve Washington Opera productions at the Kennedy Center since 1998.  Ms. Jerez-Marlow will be performing at the Kennedy Center with the WNO production of “Carmen” in September of 2015.  Ms. Jerez-Marlow can be seen performing weekly in the Metropolitan Washington area at such restaurants as oLa Tasca and Vinoteca.

Sara is also currently a working actor and model in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Richmond.  She can be seen in commercials in the Baltimore, Washington and LA areas as well as TeleMundo and UniVision for such clients as Circuit City, Baltimore Gas and Electric, The Mortgage Store, Sona Laser, Comcast Cable, Passport Nissan, and Koontz Toyota. Sara has also be seen in roles on "FBI Files" and "Accident Investigators" on the Discovery Channels, ABC’s “All My Children”, Fox’s “Americas Most Wanted”, "Revenge of the Harem" on the National Geographics Channel and as the host of "Apartment Connection" on Fox 45 in Baltimore.  She has also worked on numerous industrial films for clients such as the American Red Cross, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comcast Cable, Precision Tune, Booze Allen Hamilton, US Border Patrol, Transportation Security Administration, IRS, FBI and others.  In the spring and summer of 2007 she was featured in the new movie, "For One More Day" with Michael Imperioli, Ellen Burstyn and Samantha Mathis and had a speaking role opposite David Margulies in the movie, "Noise", starring Tim Robbins. Sara finished hosting and narrating her fifth Spanish language DVD, produced by Whistlefritz currently being sold on  Sara also recently co-starred in an FBI movie, "The Company Man" as Special Agent Sharon Martinez.